Steve Harvey sued by ex wife Mary Lee for scary charges including torture and murder

- 5/19/2017
If you try once and don't get paid,—try,try and try again. When you accuse a man of cheating and divorce him for that crime, then coming back years later to accuse him of even more horrific crimes you failed to mention the first time, then your motives start to look a bit fishy. In shocking a move Author and Comedian Steve Harvey is sued by ex-wife  Mary Lee Harvey for some seriously scary crimes. We don't know if the funny man is guilty of these hideous acts or not, but one thing we do know—the pair have not had the best of relationships since they divorced back in 2005. Now in suspicious witch hunt manner, there are reports that she is suing him for a sum of $60 million.
Steve Harvey sued by ex wife Mary
Steve's married Mary Lee Harvey in 1996  and the tumultuous marriage crashed in 2005. It was his second marriage.
There were rumours at the time that the marriage crashed because he was cheating on her with his present wife, Marjorie Elaine Harvey but a judge later stated that Marjorie was not the cause.

She hasn't relented. Over the past years, Mary has accused Steve of a lot of things, including keeping her from seeing her son, Wynton, whom the court gave Steve got custody of. She also accused him of child abuse crimes.
A court later ruled that Steve was innocent of the child abuse crime he was accused of and proved that he was not a bad father to Wynton. The child abuse allegations were also thrown out by the court after investigation by child services.

Still hunting for more. Mary took an even more sinister turn, as she has now filed a new lawsuit accusing her ex-husband of kidnapping, torture and even murder.

The documents were filed at the Superior Court of the State of California County of Los Angeles and includes the charges leveled against him:
Count 1: child endangerment against Wynton, their son
Count II: Torture
Count III: Conspiracy against rights
Count IV: Kidnapping
Count V: Murder
Count VI: Breach of Contract
Count VII: Intentional infliction of emotional distress

Many believe Mary is simply after a chunk of his considerable wealth. Harvey is worth about $80 million. 

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