Top 2 worst Celebrity plastic surgery fails you have ever seen

- 5/08/2017
Even though Cosmetic surgery helps a lot of people, in many cases it causes irreparable disfigurement and even death. No matter how much money you spend, or how skilled the surgeon is,  things can still go dramatically wrong.

Looking good is indeed good business—especially in show business where good looks can mean the life and death of a career, even more than real talent.

If I were to list all the Celebrities who have had botched surgeries here, you may have to pitch a tent and prepare for a long read, because it would be a freakishly long list. So I'll just focus on Two of the worst Celebrity plastic surgery fails you have ever seen. Trust me they are an eyeful!  Scary. 
The pressure of the spotlight can be immense, so it's no surprise when certain celebrities alter there appearances surgically to please their often insatiable fans.Unfortunately, the results of some of these surgical procedures have been horrible. And in some cases truly catastrophic.

The crazy thing about some of these failed plastic surgery cases is that many of the celebrities that did it, looked absolutely amazing before they went under the knife. 

Well here they are—prepare to be shocked:

2. Donatella Versace
Donatella Versace Plastic surgery
Donatella Versace 
Daughter of the late famed designer Gianni Versace, this former stunning beauty is the Vice President of the Versace group, as well as its chief designer. She owns 20 percent if the company and has a net worth of $200 million. But all her design skills, business sense and wealth did not prevent her from making and absolute mess of her face. Currently she looks like a scary masked freak, thanks to botched procedures.

1. Hang Mioku
Hang Mioku plastic surgery
Hang Mioku 
One if the scariest and most heartbreaking  cosmetic surgery misses you will ever see. This dazzling Asian model had it all, but was never satisfied with her  stunning beauty that seemed to mesmerize the rest of the world. 

Obsessed, she went on a series of surgeries and refused to stop until doctors actually refused to treat her any more. She was blacklisted by surgeons. And that's when she did the unthinkable—she started carrying out the procedures herself at home, injecting Silicone and cooking oil directly into her face. The horrific results are what you see in the photo above. 

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