Top 20 richest singers in Britain and their net worth

- 5/08/2017
Britain produced some of the greatest music acts in history. Great Artistes who have become a vital part of the entertainment world. The UK has been producing Iconic and legendary singers for decades now. And when I say Iconic, I mean just that! 
Singer Adele networth
To reel off a few names quickly—singers like Sting, Elton John, George Michael, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Spice Girls, the Rolling Stones and Adele to mention a few, all have pedigrees that will make you gape in awe and wonder. 

I'm going to introduce you to the top 20 richest singers in Britain and show you their amazing networth.

Apart from hailing from the same place,These great British talents have another thing in common—with their incredible talent the networth of these Musicians are through the roof! 
Sir Elton John net worth
Sir Elton John 
Starting from the richest—Here we go! 

1. Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell - £780m

2. Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber - £740m

3. U2 - £548m
U2 richest singers in Britain
4. Sir Elton John - £290m

5. Sir Mick Jagger - £250m

6. Keith Richards - £235m

7. Olivia and Dhani Harrison - £210m

8. Michael Flatley - £200m
Michael Flatley net worth
Michael Flatley Lord of the dance 
8. Ringo Starr - £200m

10. Sting - £185m

11. Eric Clapton - £170m

11 Sir Rod Stewart - £170m
Rod Stewart richest musicians in Britain
Sir Rod Stewart 
13 Roger Waters - £165m

14 Sir Tom Jones - £160m

15 Sir Tim Rice - £152m

16 Robbie Williams - £150m

17 Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne - £140m

18 Charlie Watts - £130m

19 Adele - £125m
19 Brian May - £125m

It truly is the stuff made of legends.
You've just met the millionaires artistes with the largest net worth in music—the top 20 richest British musicians

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