Top 5 biggest Hollywood movie flops ever

- 5/08/2017
Getting it right in the movie industry has never been easy. Infact sometimes it seems quite impossible. The right formula for success is not an open secret(or even a closed one).

It doesn't matter how big a movie budget is or how big or how many A list actors it showcases. The truth is, when a movie fails to make its production Budget,  then its flop.

There have been so many box office bombs in  Hollywood movie history—too many to list here actually, So we're just going to focus on the 5 biggest Hollywood movies flops of all time. To be completely honest with you, I love some of the movies on the list, Infact one of them which stars a particular action movie heroine is one of my favorite films. But I guess others don't share my enthusiasm, since that movie bombed so badly it irreparably ruined the careers of many cast and crew—no kidding. 
And now I present to you the kings and Queens of  world wide box office flops.These are movies that were designed to be blockbuster movies,  but ended up the direct opposite.

5. Mars needs Mums—2011—loss—$141 million.
Mars needs mums movie flop
This movie is probably the biggest animation box office flops ever.  With a huge budget of $175 million this poorly shot film made only a paltry $39 million. 

4. Sahara—2005—loss—$145 million.
Sahara movie box office flop
Even big name stars like Mathew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz could not save this movie from bombing. Based on a bestselling book Sahara,  there was absolutely nothing best selling about this comedy adventure. With a scary budget of $241 million,  it only managed to make $119 million.

3. Adventures of Pluto Nash—2002—loss—$145.9 million.
Eddie Murphy's Adventures of Pluto Nash Hollywood movie flops
Eddie Murphy used to be one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood. But in recent years his movie career has plummeted to non existence. This Pluto Nash fiasco amongst other movies was largely responsible for this. To be fair to the critics and movie goers, this movie was absolutely horrible. It made $7.1 million on a $120 million budget.

2. The Alamo—2004—loss—$147 million.
The Alamo movie flop
This is a war film based on the Alamo battle during the Texas revolution. Set in the 1860’s Mexico. This movie remake of highly a successful 1960’s film did not live up to its predecessor's success. In fact it was a mess. It earned only $25.8 million in revenues on a $145 million budget.

1. Cutthroat Island—1995—loss—$148 million.
 biggest Hollywood movie flops
This is the movie that almost destroyed the lucrative Pirate movie genre. It tops our list of the biggest Hollywood and most expensive movie flops ever. One of the greatest female action stars could not save this strangely entertaining Pirate movie from complete failure. With an estimated loss of $148 million on a $115 million budget. 

All these loses must be making your head spin! Trust me, for those who incurred the losses,  it was a much worse experience. That's what you get from the unpredictable and often precarious world of the Hollywood box office.

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