Top 6 richest dead celebrities and their incredible estate networth

- 5/21/2017
Being Rich and famous when you're  alive is great. But what about after you're dead? Celebrities tend to have money still coming to their estate even after they've passed on. The amount of money we're talking about here Depends on the star and the kind of achievement and success they had during this life. 

So who are the richest dead celebrities in the world today?
One thing for sure—it's not Bubbles the Chimp!

From music greats and superstar singers to Hollywood movie legends these celebs who thrilled and impressed during their time with us have left an estate with ever growing networth. Even though some of them lived pretty short lives and had even shorter careers, they were able to leave a lasting and legendary impression in our hearts and lives, and a remarkable financial legacy for their beneficiaries.

Here are the top 6 richest dead stars Now. 

1. John Lennon: Estate networth—$800 million 
John Lennon richest dead celebrities

2. Michael Jackson: Estate—$600 million 

Michael Jackson richest dead celebrities

3. Elizabeth Taylor: Estate—$600 million 
Elizabeth Taylor richest dead celebrities

4. Elvis Presley—$300 million
Elvis Presley richest dead celebrities

5.  Prince— $300 million
Late singer Prince networth

6. Jimi Hendrix: networth—$175 million
Late Jimi Hendrix

You must understand that all of the stars named, above still make millions of dollars every year even though some of them have been dead for decades. But their legendary works and names lives on profitably after them.

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