Woman swallows 9000 dollars cash during argument with cheating husband

- 5/05/2017
Domestic violence is ugly. And some of the incidents that occur during this gruesome bitterness can be extremely ridiculous.

In a horrific show of anger and spite, a woman swallowed 9000 dollars after she found out her husband had cheated on her. She ate their life savings to keep him from laying hold of it. 
Woman swallows 9000 dollars during quarrel with husband
Doctors were only able to recover $5700 from her stomach 
During a heated quarrel with her cheating spouse Sandra Milena Almeida ingested $9,000 – the equivalent of £7,000 – in cash—not in Pizzas.

The angry 28-year-old wife from Colombia reportedly hid the cash in their house after finding out about her husband’s infidelity, and was secretly planning to leave him.

Her plan blew up however when her husband found the stash. The two warhorses ended up arguing after he demanded half of it treasure. Unbelievable man!  In the heat of the moment, Ms Almeida,rather than lose any of her hard earned cash to her greedy partner, swallowed the rolled-up notes whole. And I mean in one gulp. 

The inevitable happened. Severe abdominal pain gripped the money chomping wife and she was rushed to hospital the next day.

Still protecting her partially digested stash? She didn’t tell doctors about the money, but thanks to technology, the wads of cash showed up in the x-rays as causing a blockage between her stomach and intestine.

Medics rushed her in for emergency surgery at the Santander University Hospital in Bucaramanga, and were shocked to pull out hundreds of $100 notes.

Her stomach had already digested $3300 , so they only managed to save around $5,700 after cleaning them and drying them out in the operating theatre.

According to a housemate who lives with the couple and witnessed the incident,:  ‘They had a big argument, they were yelling and hitting each other. He was shouting that half the money was his, and she was in a fit of rage. That’s when she swallowed the money.’

Although Ms Almeida made a full recovery from her ordeal and surgery, her money—what's left of it has been handed to the police. 

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