Beautiful model and TV presenter arrested for kidnapping after she used beauty to capture men

- 6/15/2017
This beauty is a beast. In an incident that can only be described as shocking, a beautiful model was arrested for kidnapping. The dazzling beauty was charged for her connection with an unsolved double kidnap of two men
Model arrested for kidnapping
During investigations, Colombia's special kidnap police force atrested the popular television host Paulina Karina Diaz. A man nicknamed 'La Bruja' (The Witch) was also arrested in connection to the same crime.
Authorities have accused model and television presenter of using her good looks to 'lure' the two men into a trap that led to their capture.

Charged for the alleged crime of blackmail and kidnapping, Colombian authorities, believe Diaz and her male partner took part  in the kidnapping of businessman Hugo Lopez Moncayo and lawyer Milton Caro Villamil in a bar in Cali, Colombia six years ago.
Beautiful Colombian model and TV presenter arrested for kidnapping
Big money ransome demand. The kidnappers then demanded 3 billion COP (804,331 GBP) from the families of the victims, but unfortunately, the victims are still missing to this day. 

The 27 year old Diaz, works as a model and also presents a sports show called Guia Magazine, on Channel 2. She is currently in custody. 

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