Brad Pitt apologises to ex Jennifer Aniston and check out her response

- 6/09/2017
When Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston split up it devastated Her. The manner in which he left her for Angelina was quite humiliating for her. 

But now he finds himself in the same shoes—or even worse. But the newly sober Brad Pitt is making amends, and his ex-wife Aniston is at the top of his list—as many believe she should be. 
Brad Pitt apologises to Jennifer Aniston
Turning his life around. Since splitting from Angelina Jolie, the 53-year-old Hollywood actor has quit drinking alcohol and started therapy. He is owning up to his actions and accepting responsibility for their repercussions

  And now sources have reveal exclusively  that Pitt has reached out to Jen to apologize for the first time since their sudden divorce in 2005.
"Brad apologized for all the heartbreak,” an insider says. “He doesn’t usually open up like that, but through therapy and recovery, he’s learned to express his feelings. He addressed all the hurt he caused her.”

It was quite a painful experience for her. However, despite the Friends actress' anger toward Brad, especially after he posed with Angelina as a happily married couple for W magazine shortly after their split, “she was really won over by his apology,” the source explains. “A new era has begun for them.”

Jennifer who has moved on and has been married now for two years to Justin Theroux, has told her ex husband that she forgives him and to focus on the future.”

Certainly a positive boost for him as he tries to fix the mess caused by his divorce from Jolie.

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