British tennis player Dan Evans fails drug test testing positive for cocaine as use of drugs in the sport rises

- 6/24/2017
Banned drugs in tennis is on the rise. As the game gets faster and competitors become stronger and more intense, some players seek an easy way to victory by resorting to performance enhancing drugs.  And In case you didn't know it, tennis is one of the most gruelling sports in the world. There are not many sports on earth that are capable of lasting as long as three to four football matches—and even longer. 
British tennis player Dan Evans failed drug test
But giving yourself an unfair advantage over other competitors is wrong—no Matter how tough your sport happens to be. So when British tennis player Dan Evans failed a drug test after he tested positive for cocaine, it was a surprise—but not a complete shock. The trend is indeed rising. 

The Birmingham-born British no 3 who is currently ranked at world No. 50 but he will now face a long time away from competition after he was caught with the substance in his system.

It was a big blow to Evans, 27, who's obvious potential has been on the rise in recent months. He even hit a career high ranking of 41 in March.

Downcast, he called an impromptu press conference on Friday afternoon to announce the news. Although he had already pulled out several grass court tournaments ahead of Wimbledon.

Strangely, he also deleted his Instagram and Twitter accounts before the press conference.

‘I made a mistake and I must face up to it,’ he said. 

Last year female tennis star Maria Sharapova was banned for using performance enhancing drug meldonium.

But this popular, and lucrative game is only getting more competitive every year, and on every surface. Coupled with the tasking tour schedule the temptation for lazier athletes to use drugs will only increase with it. 

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