Check out Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton's fashion and style in a super 1790 pound outfit(photos)

- 6/30/2017
In case you didn't know it,  the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton's fashion and style is one of the best in Britain and even the world. She has truly perfected the difficult art of chic and elegance in fashion.
In fact when it come to exquisite make up that screams class!  And fashion sense that exudes remarkable elegance, the highly poised Duchess is well ahead of many celebrities.
Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton's fashion and style
But the most astonishing thing about her sense of style is the price tag that comes with it. Elegance complements elegance. She has been know to wear expensive clothes that sits on her so beautifully, it appears she's one with them.  A Seamless match.
Best dressed Kate Middleton
In fact one of her latest offerings is a Gucci dress costing a whopping £1790. The wife of Prince William wore the gorgeous outfit for a visit to the Victoria & Albert museum in London. And she was truly a sight for sore eyes. Check out more photos of the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge...
Kate Middleton's expensive fashion and style
Her feet were encased in black heels and her toned legs were displayed to full effect, as she smiled and waved to the crowd of admirers. 

Source photos: Daily mail. 


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