Dangerous Coca-Cola used for tanning skin slammed as risky by dermatologists

- 6/24/2017
Scary but true—people are tanning their skin with Coca-Cola. Ever notice how your tongue turns a dark color after drinking Coca Cola? Well it turns out that your oral anatomy isn't the only part of you that can benefit from that super quick tan. 
Using Coca Cola to tan your skin
Summer is here and it's time to hit the out doors, and holiday in sun drenched cities. And as many sun lovers pack their thimgs for the trip, the dark beverage is on their minds. And the fact that you can drink it, as well as use it on your skin, makes it one Multi-use super commodity. 

Sometimes the quest to be beautifully bronzed is one that people often take a little too far.

Overtime people have used Long sunbed sessions, horrible fake tans, and complete and dangerous disregard for sun cream and now to give their skin that dark hue. But now—joining this terrifying list(and gunning straight to the top) is the latest tanning trend - Coca-Cola on your skin.

Of course there are other weird uses that Cole has been used for over the years. 

For example It's been used to clean rust off surfaces. Strangely it makes an effective toilet cleaner! Yes it dissolves tough stains and plaque in your toilet bowl. That should give you some idea of what it can do to your body.  

Coke contains caramel dye, and that's the reason it results in a bronzed skin when applied.

The dangerous trend which originated from the UK is quickly gaining popularity around the world.

Unfortunately dermatologists warn about the downsides of this quick tan fix. 
Sodas are acidic and exfoliate dead cells. This makes the skin more susceptible to UV damage, increasing sunburn

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