Disgraced comedian Bill Cosby will now teach kids how to prevent sexual assault

- 6/23/2017
During the Bill Cosby trial, the jury was deadlocked for days and led the judge to declare a mistrial. This brought a strange and unexpected closure to the highest profile celebrity trial since OJ Simpson.
Disgraced comedian Bill Cosby trial
But now that the 79 year old gained his chance for freedom, he wants to use it to educate kids on sexual assault prevention! Bill Cosby's  publicist Andrew Wyatt stated that his now infamous client is planning on teaching teenagers about avoiding the very thing he was accused of.
According to Wyatt,  Cosby wants to "get back to work"  and he's doing it with a motivational speaking tour.
They have already planned town hall meetings and a visit to Birmingham next month as they tour for his public speaking engagements.

The comedian who got more negative publicity in a few months than most stars get in a lifetime, has mostly kept out of the public eye since the mistrial. When asked how Cosby  was doing, Wyatt said: “He was excited to go home — his life was at stake, his freedom was at stake — go home and spend time with Mrs. Cosby and his children and just celebrate Father's Day."

Although the District Attorney has threatened to retry the case, for the meantime, Cosby, who pleaded not guilty, had been charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault, was looking at 30 years in prison, which would make him 109 years old on his release. Although close to 60 different women accused the star, the actual criminal charges were for his indecent assault on Andrea Constant back in 2004.


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