Fed up Rob Kardashian slams Blac Chyna claims she's broke and he pays all her Bills

- 6/28/2017
Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna troubles didn't seem to get any better after they had their cute daughter Dream. If anything, it got much worse.
Rob Kardashian blasts Blac Chyna for cheating on him
Reality TV star Rob and his on-off model girlfriend have hit a new low in their tumultuous relationship, after a female social media user alerted Rob to some text messages exchanged between her baby daddy and Chyna! 

Its barely a week ago, that the tumultuous couple gave the impression they were getting back together after they spent Father's day together and hung out at the same house for days afterwards. But it appears we were wrong to think they had fixed anything.

A recent chat between Rob and the social media user who blew the whistle on the popular model, a woman called Bonita revealed that Rob's girl was was chatting up her man(or the other way around).

After the 30 year old Kardashian confirmed the revelations, he blew a gasket and blasted Chyna with all kinds of low ball remarks. Rob said she was broke and he’s paying all her bills, and that she can’t even afford to give her own mother money. He went on to claim that the luxurious lifestyle she flaunts is all funded by him, including her posh cars.

He revealed that on a recent outing to Disneyland with their daughter she used him for publicity to further her career.

And then for the umpteenth time,  he said he was done with her. We can't really say it's over between them yet. They've had so many nasty fallouts in the past and still reconciled. But I must say,  this is one of the ugliest  so far. 

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