Hero police officer seen in Zenith bank robbery Owerri video has died

- 6/11/2017
This bank robbery in Nigeria was a horrific incident that showed the extent some criminals would go to get money. Fortunately it was all captured on video, which helped in the eventually arrest of some of the four robbers who took part in the bold and bloody ordeal. 
Hero cop at Zenith bank robbery Owerri
Recently , the shocking  CCTV footage of a Zenith bank robbery Owerri branch in Imo state Nigeria surfaced online. It shook Nigerians to the bone. 

One of the big questions those who watched the video are asking is about the hero policeman who took on the four robbers solo. Did he survive the gun battle? What was his fate. In the video, the police officer who was inside the security room in the bank, put up a good fight with the gang of thieves as he engaged them in a gun battle.
He was able to kill one of them and damaged the getaway car significantly.  After shooting one of the robbers dead, the gallant officer identified as Sergeant Chukwudi Iboko, tried to escape from death cage of the security post. But he was shot several times by another robber.

New has emerged that after two months of fighting for his life in hospital, unfortunately Iboke died in April from injuries he sustained from the gun battle.

According to a statement by Owerri police spokesperson, Iboko sustained serious injuries from the gunshot fired at him by the robbers and was in the intensive care unit at a hospital for two months before he finally died. Nigerians are outraged by the news, as he has been hailed as a hero for his brave and solo effort against the four heavily armed gunmen. 

Strangely, it was also reported that there where two other mobile policemen who were  inside the security post with him when the robbers stormed the bank. These cops sustained serious injuries and were also in the intensive care unit where the hero cop died. But they survived their injuries. Officer Iboko was 37 years old.
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