Horror as Tom Hague former UFC fighter dies following knockout defeat in boxing match

- 6/19/2017
For many, it was a wake up call, after another boxing death occurred. After Former UFC fighter turned boxer Tim Hague has died at the age of 34 many people once again questioned the wisdom and legitimacy of engaging in the lucrative and potentially deadly sport of boxing. The Canadian fighter died following a devastating knockout defeat in a boxing bout against boxer Adam Braidwood.
Boxer Tim Hague dies
In his former career in the UFC, Hague had  suffered eight knockout losses as a MMA fighter. Four of these knockouts came in the last two years if his career. That's a lot! His  21-13 record says it all. 
The tragic fighter managed to get to his feet after medical attention and left the ring conscious. But he had to be taken to hospital on Friday to relieve pressure on the brain. He fell into a coma and was confirmed dead two days after the bout.  His death is a shock to the boxing and MMA world.

The shocking fact is that Hague's UFC career ended in 2011 after a concussion.  At that point he voiced his concern at suffering a concussion and the need to take a break from the brutal sport. 

Hague said back then: “I’m gonna take a little break away from MMA, let the brain heal from my concussion, and get the passion/fire back."

The 34 year old's boxing death comes months before another crossover fighter Conor Mcgregor fights boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

Source photo: mirror

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