Hot and Sexy Amber Rose shows off curves as she goes for gym workout makeup free(photos)

- 6/10/2017
No matter what she wears or doesn't wear, her curves are very hard to hide. For TV presenter and glamour model Amber Rose, there is never a dull moment for her millions of social media followers.
Amber Rose shows off curvaceous body
And recently she treated them to more of her mind blowing curves as she went make up free while out on a workout. As she made her way to the gym, and did a light jog,she had her earpiece on and was obviously listening to something on her phone.
The 34 year old sexy mother of one was spotted arriving the gym in style in her new Rolls-Royce. She was wearing tight leggings, and a sporty jacket paired with sneakers and a cap. Even make up free she looked pretty dazzling as she put her full curvaceous body in display. See more photos..
                    Sexy Glamour model Amber Rose make up free
Amber who is known for her close cropped hair and voluptuous figure was looking truly stunning in her workout gear as she exited her Rolls.

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