How to treat sunburn naturally with home remedies after hottest summer in Britain

- 6/23/2017
One thing's for sure—the sun isn't going anywhere soon. And as wonderful as it is in many ways, it can also be a huge problem, when it comes to our skin. Unless you are planning on being a recluse for the rest of your life, then Sunburn and it's prevention is something you have to deal with every year, especially if you are fair-skinned.
Natural home remedies for sunburn
But if it does get you badly, then how do you treat sunburn naturally? And quickly too—because it can be one horrible pain in the skin!
Recently, on the hottest day in Britain since 1976 a fair skinned outdoor loving gardener ended up with second degree burns after working outside in the blistering heatwave.

Greg Binnie, from Edinburgh Scotland, made the mistake of going to work outdoors without sunscreen.

But the young man underestimated how strong the sun would be in Dumfries and ended up paying dearly for it. 

The Picture above shows how he was left with terrible second-degree burns on his shoulders and neck.

So what do you do to heal up quickly and treat sunburn with home remedies?

Here are four wonderful and quick acting natural treatments for sunburn:

1. Pure Aloe Vera 

2. Natural Honey

3. Natural Yoghurt 

4. Vitamin E supplements(oral)

Try one or more of these quick acting and soothing remedies and remember to wear a sunscreen next time you go outdoors during the day. 

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