Human Robot Sophia appears on Good morning Britain and scares Piers Morgan

- 6/22/2017
Even Will Smith's movie I Robot will not prepare you for the freakishly realistic nature of the  human robot on Good morning Britain. It doesn't really matter if you are a fan of artificial intelligence or not—you'll either love this or get freaked out by it. Personally I felt a curious mixture of both. Good Morning Britain’s had its share of weird interviews, – but this one must be the strangest one yet.
Human Robots on Good morning Britain
It isn't just Because it played host to a human looking robot, but one of the most intelligent ones you have ever seen.  Wednesday morning’s show hosted a robot named Sophia. It  appeared on the programme with (her) creator Dr David Hanson. And by the time it started to interact, it had managed to freak out Piers Morgan, Susanna and a bunch of the audience.

This is Probably because she barely even missed a trick when being questioned by the hosts. She even told the pair she thought Britain was ‘brilliant’ and adding: ‘I love your posh English accent. It really has a nice ring.’ Wow!  Talk about getting compliments from a machine!

Piers who was obviously rattled by the straight faced artificial intelligence remarked: 'You’re a little freak, aren’t you?’

Don't worry though—the question didn't upset Sophia. At least she didn't lose her head and start to plot the overthrow of humanity. I guess she hasn't seen I Robot the movie—it might give her ideas. Ha! 

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