Incredible Track athlete Alysia Montano competes while 5 months pregnant

- 6/24/2017
Shocking track and field athlete Alysia Montano competed in a championship with a 5 month pregnany!
Pregnant runner Alysia Montano
Athletes who compete while pregnant are simply amazing women. Of course Some people have seriously criticized them for what they consider endangering the baby's life. Fact remains that for a lot of women, pregnancy is no picnic.And competing in professional sports is no piece of cake. To be able to combine both successfully requires a lot of guts.

Such a woman is Olympic runner MontaƱo who on Thursday raced at the U.S.A. Track & Field Outdoor Championships in Sacramento while she several months pregnant.
Even more surprising is that she pulled this off in sizzling 100-degree heat. But here is the real shocker— she beat her time for the last Championship she raced while several months into her pregnancy.

About three years ago, she competed in the same race while she was eight months pregnant. This time though She was able to take 10 seconds off her 800-meter time. 

Some would say she prefers to run while pregnant.

And who inspired her to do it this time?
Well, Wonder Woman of course!  Alysia said she was was inspired after she learnt that actress Gal Gadot had filmed most of Wonder Woman while pregnant.

If you remember, pregnant Tennis star Serena Williams played Wimbledon last year and she won the title too. 

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