Infatuated woman who kissed Prince Harry tries again on his visit to Australia

- 6/07/2017
Australia is Beautiful and her people are fun loving and lively. But in the case of receptionist Victoria McRae she got way too lively with a member of the British Royal family. This time she was hoping her latest attempt to woo a royal would be her luckiest try. 
Woman who kissed Prince Harry
She made headlines with her Stunt. Infatuated 23-year-old woman who kissed Prince Harry on the steps of the Opera House back in 2015 — has tried again to steal a kiss from the Prince. 
Patriotic in her dress and hopeful in her heart. Miss McRae was dressed In a gold princess tiara and draped in a Union Jack flag. She  stood in the pouring rain waited for her prince to come — yet again.

“I tried to go in for a kiss again but he dodged me,” she said forlornly.

She tried every trick in her book to catch his attention.  For good measure — and perhaps to remind His Royal Highness who she is — she clutched a photo showing her puckering up in May 2015. 

At least Prince Harry seemed to recognize her.  “He remembered me and raised his eyebrows when he saw me,” she said.

High hopes and big dreams. She explained that the royal rejection didn't really shake her too much. She claimed she was “happy he has Meghan (Markle) but he knows I’m here if he wants me”.

Well,  you've got to love her spirit and her confidence!

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