Manchester United Officially excludes Zlatan Ibrahimovich from Squad next season

- 6/10/2017
Ibrahimovich is out. He was the 6th highest goal scorer in the English premier league last season, even though he missed several games due to his season ending knee injury.  But the fact that he was indispensable in the Red devils campaign and contributed immensely to her relatively impressive success, his hesitation to extend his one year contract shortly before his injury will now cost him his place on the team. 
Zlatan Ibrahimovich Manchester United career over
One of the most gifted strikers in the world has hit an unlucky patch. Unfortunately, for Manchester United Zlatan Ibrahimovich is the only player from the club that has been released.

Officially caged. The official Premier League rules require all clubs to submit their retained and released lists to the Premier League by the third Saturday in May. The list has just been made public as Premier League clubs from the 2016/17 season have submitted the lists of players they will be keeping in their squads, and the ones they will be releasing.

A ray of hope? The Premier league however stated that, 'Please note that players signified as a "free transfer" or released by a club on the expiry of their contract on 30 June 2017, could still remain there next season and so this list should not be seen as definitive for players leaving their club'. 

Zlatan who had been waiting to see if Manchester United would qualify for Champions League football, before extending his contract, was blindsided by his injury and now faces almost 10 months out. Although the outspoken Swede has denied any rumors of this ending his career, many believe that at his age it would be tough to get back from this.  But you never know with Ibrahimovich.

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