Meet the sexiest woman in Africa Adaeze Obasi and she's from Nigeria(photos)

- 6/25/2017
This hot Nigerian model has just been named sexiest woman in Africa. Now if you ever doubted that African women are hot, then maybe she'll convince you. It's true that the way beauty is perceived varies from person to person, and country to country. But in this case one thing is  abundantly clear—
Adaeze Obasi Africa's sexiest woman
African women are beautiful. The incredible and unblemished beauty and grace that the women posses, are both pulse racing and awe inspiring. Of course there is great variety of beauty from the North to the South of this vast and populous land of one billion people.

 But Nigeria has had her fair share of internationally acclaimed hot women.  From Oluchi the dazzling Nigerian who won the first ever Mnet face of Africa in 1998, and went into to be an international super model,  to the elegant Miss World 2001 winner Agbani Darego who was the first ever native African to win the Miss World beauty pageant.
Model Adaeze Obasi is Africa's sexiest woman
And now Nigeria's own Adaeze is the new Africa's sexiest woman.

The stunning Obasi is a top model as well as the winner of Miss Supranational 2016. And she has just been voted the hottest woman in Africa by reputable beauty organization, Global Beauty.
The organization recently released their 2016/2017 list across the 7 continents and fresh faced beauty Adaeze was picked for Africa. And we'll deserving too! 

But how are these women Picked? I mean it must be a really tough process to sift through all that beauty to select the 7 sexiest women Alive across the 7 continents. But the picking was based on the women's natural sex appeal, intelligence, amazing looks and superb elegance, according to GB. This ranks them amongst the most beautiful women in the world. 

But I know that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. So some of you may disagree with the choice. What's your opinion though? Adaeze is clearly super beautiful, but do you think she's the sexiest woman on the continent?

Check out more of her photos....

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Don't be shy now. Declare your opinion.


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