Nigeria will have the world's 3rd largest population by 2050 says UN

- 6/22/2017
The Nigerian population is growing at an astronomical rate, and her already shaky economy will have to bear the pressure. Because according to the United Nations, the growth will not slow down. 
Nigerian population growth
A new report released by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs revealed that  Nigeria is projected to be the world’s third most populous country in a few decades, precisely year 2050.

The slightly ominous report, titled ‘World Population Prospects: The 2017 Revision’, stated that the populous West African nation would overtake the United States in terms of population,  just as the world would reach 9.8 billion people by then. 

Currently the most populous in Africa and seventh largest in the world, the country's rapid growth would cause it to surpass the US shortly before 2050.

It is also projected that by the said year the populations of six of the 10 largest countries are expected to exceed 300 million: Namely China, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and the United States. 

At the moment the world population, stands at 7.6 billion people. 

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