Rihanna's new weight is becoming sexy trend that others might follow

- 6/09/2017
Rihanna's new weight is sexy—no doubt about that. Maybe even more so now that she has acquired some new curves. Although she has been trolled mercilessly on social media, she has responded to her critics admirably. (Although that has never shut them up) 
Rihanna new weight is fat and sexy
She has been body shamed constantly and called fat since the public detected that the singer was putting on some weight. Although the Barbadian singer still looks hot, her new weight is clearly the first time we've ever seen her this way. Always sexily curvaceous, but hardly weighty, the star has changed her look dramatically.
But I must admit that RiRi carries the extra kilos with remarkable poise and grace. She even makes it look so trendy—I wouldn't be surprised if some folks start catching on and copying her. Be careful how you go about it though if you must—extra weight looks and feels differently from individual to individual. So know your body before you take on the Rihanna look.

The Umbrella singer posted a meme on her Instagram page in response to being fat-shamed by Chris Spagnuolo—Barstool sports Blogger. It hit the spot and was applauded by her fans. The blog post has since been deleted.

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