Roger Federer says he'll retire from tennis at the age of 40

- 6/03/2017
Beware of an aging champion. In one of the toughest sports in the World, he pulled off one of the biggest comebacks in sports history.
Roger Federer to retire from tennis
Moving at his own pace and Enjoying to play only when he wants to do it, Roger Federer will retire from tennis at 40 years old.  At almost 36 this is Federer's priority. The 18 time Grand Slam champion and arguably the greatest tennis player of all time, only played four tournaments this year, but it's fine for him. All part of his new and strangely effective master plan for success.  'I can just play the tournaments I want to play and enjoy the process,' Federer told ESPN. 'If I do show up and play, I love it. When I'm in training, I enjoy being in training. When I'm not in training, if I'm on vacation, I can enjoy that. I'm not in a rush. So I can take a step back and just actually enjoy.'
Well that sums up his new plan beautifully 
This year at the Australian Open, the Swiss maestro won his first Grand Slam after four-and-a-half years of no Slam wins—a first for the legendary tennis champion. Winning the 18th wasn't easy at all. Infact it was an uncertain win for Roger until the end, especially because in the final his ling time Nemesis Rafael Nadal was up 3-1 in the fifth set. Many thoughts were in Federer's mind in that moment: "I recall saying, 'You have to try to break now, pal, because later on he is going to stay in the lead and have the break, and then too much luck is involved to turn the whole thing around. I told myself, 'I've done very little wrong. I've played committed. I've played bigger with my backhand than I ever have against Rafa. I've hit a lot of backhand winners.' I had the best 20 minutes of my life, maybe, on the tennis court. I just zoned in and just went."

Then he dropped the bombshell: 'I will play until 40. Just maybe not on the tour'

Federer has done so much for tennis and sports, that if he wanted to play till the age of 50 his fans would love it.

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