Scott Disick dumped Bella Thorne because she smells bad or she left him because he drinks to much

- 6/17/2017
Scott Disick and Bella Thorne seem to have their own reasons for discontinuing their much publicized affair in Cannes.
Scott Disick and Bella Thorne fling
Since Kourtney Kardashian and her playboy ex have called it quits, the pair has been seen out and about with other people. It seems that all that connects them now are their three children. While Kourtney has settled down with another beau, Scott has lived up to his reputation as he is frequently photographed bouncing around from woman to woman.  One of his recent hook ups is Bella Thorne.
After they parted ways in Cannes, she has come out to say that Scott partied too hard and drank too much for her taste. And she just had to quit because its not the way she likes to roll. 

The father of three on the other hand allegedly told friends that he had to dump her because of hygienic reasons? Apparently she smelt bad—or not fresh! 
Bella Thorne and Scott Disick slam each other
But now reports have emerged that Scott Disick has been trying to get Bella back, and recently sent her a bouquet to get back in her good graces. In fact she posted a Snapchat of herself holding a huge bouquet that was allegedly from Scott, probably because they look very similar to a flower arrangement Scott once sent to his ex Kourtney.

Of course the 19 year old former Disney star has yet to confirm where the flowers came from.
 But the most confusing thing about it all is that she has been spotted out with her ex boyfriend Greg Sulkin, whom she's trying to work things out with. 

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