Sexy Kendall Jenner shows off her hot but in red bathing suit

- 6/18/2017
She's got a hot bikini body. We have no doubt it—this popular model and Reality TV star is one of the hottest women in the world today. Back In April, she flaunted her cute backside in a thong and sheer skirt during Coachella.
Kendall Jenner butt and bikini body
And two months after that amazing spectacle, sexy Kendall Jenner showed off her butt in another close up photo. Fans were able to get a much closer view of her backside on Snapchat - this time she was dressed in a red bathing suit.
In the dazzling photo, The 21-year-old lifted the hem of the high-cut one-piece to reveal even more inches of her svelte frame.

The super model wore her crimson bathing suit high up so it revealed most of her cheeks for her Snapchat followers. A real treat for fans of eye candy(aren't we all). 

Kendall is five-foot-10-inch of slim and delicately curvaceous beauty—and she'll look hot wearing anything. She captioned the close up picture with 'sorry,' adding an upside down question mark. We don't know what in the world that means, but we love the picture just the same. 

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