Sexy Rihanna called fat as singer puts on weight with new curves

- 6/01/2017
When Sexy singer Rihanna is called fat,  and body shamed,  then you'd understand the true meaning of fan loyalty. She looked amazing at the Cannes festival. And no doubt in the past, whatever she was wearing—or not wearing, she always looked dazzling. But now body shamers are giving her lots of heat because of her weight. 
Sexy Rihanna fat weight gain
When pictures of Rihanna in New York emerged of her wearing a pair of baggy ripped jeans and a Bardot-wannabe blue shirt,  not old was is not the normally scantily dressed RiRi, but the beauty was packing on some weight—like we have never seen. It was like she was channeling Janet Jackson!

Fans and foe started to comment. It didn’t take long for one Instagram account to write: ‘Rihanna’s been eating good’.

Talk about all the shade. My question is, what’s it got to do with you?

Although the busy singer is going about her business especially as she promotes Her growing fashion line, the torrent of abuse she is getting for putting on weight must be getting to her. 

‘I thought it was just me. She’s actually getting fat,’ one Instagram user wrote.

While another added: ‘All that munchies’.

Many have come to her defence, while others just flog the weight issue like it was some sort of disease—calling her Thickhanna. But there were those who came to the star’s defence with one writing: ‘Rihanna looking way better with some weight on.’ As for me,  her new curves look really good on her if she can keep it under control—which can be tough.

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