Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher's autopsy reveals Cocaine Heroine other drugs in her body

- 6/20/2017
By the age of 13, the much loved star Wars actress Fisher had smoked Marijuana for the first time. She took LSD at the age of 21and was  diagnosed as bipolar by the age of 24. What transpired in her life and eventually led to her death was a lifetime of self destructive drug abuse and ill-health.
Carrie Fisher's autopsy revealed
The Long awaited Carrie Fisher’s autopsy report reveals that she had cocaine and other drugs in her system when she lost consciousness while aboard a flight from London in December last year. 
A shocking combination of powerful drugs were found. On her admission to the hospital, her urine toxicology was positive for cocaine, methadone, ethanol and opiates.”

The celebrated Star Wars legend who was very open about her lifelong battle with drug addiction, suffered cardiac arrest on an airplane after vomiting, and died four days later on December 27. She was 60 years old. 

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