Supermodel Kendall Jenner accused of fake belly button Instagram photo

- 6/22/2017
How long should a belly button be? Miles apparantly. I grossly exaggerate, but after supermodel Kendall Jenner shared a very stunning tummy baring Instagram photo on her page, a lot of questions arose regarding that part of her anatomy.  To be honest she looked both bewitching and vulnerable in the sexy photo, which was a really breathtaking combination, but most of her followers had their attention on her belly button and wondered why it looked different from the way they've always known it to look. 
Supermodel Kendall Jenner tummy baring Instagram photo

To some,  the Kardashians were at it again with their beloved Photoshop. Calling the whole family fake, one follower wrote: "Even the belly button is fake this family is obsessed with plastic."

"Dont go fake on me like the rest of your sisters," said another.
One person commented on the length, writing: "Yo longest belly button ever."

And quite long it is indeed. A trick of the eyes, a surgeons skills or plain old Photoshop, only Kendall Jenner can really tell us. But the picture does look amazing! 

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