Teenage Twilight killers confessions shows the depth of their evil after brutal double murders

- 6/26/2017
Absolutely free of remorse—after killing family members in cold blood, the confessions of the Twilight killers are almost as shocking as the crimes themselves. 
The teenage Twilight killers
The two teenage killers—male and female, who used a kitchen and a steely resolve to kill the girl's mother and sister while they slept are currently serving lengthy prison times after being convicted for the brutal double murders.  Even though they are juvenile, the court tried them as adults and they are each serving a minimum of 17 and half years in jail now. 

Back in April,  the world was shocked when Twlight killers Lucas Markham and Kim Edwards murdered her mother, 49 year old Elizabeth, and younger sister, Katie a 13 year old.  

Their clear lack of remorse for the crime and the very gruesome nature  of the act, led a judge to lifted the order that would have normally given the pair anonymity at their age.
Twilight killers Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham
In a undramatic voice, the killer Markham explained to the interviewee how he first stabbed his girlfriend's mum in the neck and then finished her off by  smotheing her with a pillow. After that he made his way Katie’s room and did the same thing to the sleeping younger sister of Kim. 

Asked why they had to kill Katie, he told the officer that he didn't want her to call the police.

Detective Superintendent Martin Holvey the lead investigator, said that neither teen showed any remorse during questioning.

Detective Holvey explained that in his 30 years as a cop he had never seen anything like it. 

After the evil teen couple had a bath, made love and sat down to watch movies, ignoring the two dead bodies in the house with them.

When Kim was asked why they took a bath afterwards, she said its because she hates the smell of blood! 

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