Amputee male model becomes first ever disabled Mr England

- 7/17/2017
Unstoppable amputee is first ever disabled Mr England winner in a historic and inspirational win. 

Amazing male model Jack Eyers, beat 24 other contestants as he wowed the judges at the final of the pageant.
Amputee male model becomes Mr England

This is not the first time the 28 year old awonder has made history. About Two years ago he became the first ever disabled person on the catwalk at New York Fashion Week!  Right now his established modelling career has seen him on the catwalks of Milan and Moscow amongst others. 

Jack who was born with Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency (PFFD)a degenerative condition which causes the hip to be deformed, and the leg shortened.

Sadly at the age of 16, his leg had to be amputated. But instead of letting it slow him down, he did the opposite—after recovering from the operation,he threw himself into intense activities that would make many able bodied people cower. From water skiing to obstacle TV shows,  to gymnastic rope climbing that saw him feature in the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.

Here is what Jack said about some of his remarkable breakthrougs:

  ‘The last five years I have made it my mission to raise the profile of disability in the fashion industry and to become a role model for other amputees and disabled people.

‘I feel very strongly that Mr England is not just a beauty pageant, it is all round.’

At the Vox Resorts World Birmingham he was crowned Mr England by a panel of impressed judges and was given a prize of a new wardrobe by celebrated fashion brand  Envoy London. 

After overcoming overwhelming odds, Jack wants his win to inspire other young people in similar situations.

Right now he wants to compete in the Mr World pageant and believes he can win—do we doubt him? 

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