Broke Former Spice Girls Mel B asks friends for cash as her finances worsen

- 7/09/2017
With the millions she made lavished away, 
Broke Mel B is asking friends for cash to help her raise the £1.5million she needs to buy a new home in the US.

The former Spice Girls singer Mel B has not been faring well with money and is in a desperate to rebuild her life after her split from husband Stephen Belafonte .
Broke former Spice Girls Mel b
The news that the star has reportedly spent all of her £38million fortune  shocked fans, who had no idea the flamboyant star had money troubles. Insider sourced now say she has turned to her friends for help to secure a house.

Mel is worried she will lose a six-figure deposit she put down on the home she desires,  since she has been forced to put the house she shared with Belafonte on the market in a bid to raise cash.

It's been revealed that the troubled 42-year-old singer has also asked Simon Cowell to assure her she has a long term job on America’s Got Talent. Her current contract only runs for one more year.

According to the source, the star needs money now to secure another home. The house she put on the market since March for £7.2 million is still unsold, even after she cut the price by  a whopping £800,000.

The Mum-of-three financial ttroubles were revealed during a divorce hearing with her ex recently.

A detailed account of the couple's extravagant lifestyles which ultimately drained their income was brought to light. From expensive jewelry, parties, lavish holidays,luxury cars and over the top diva like living, ensured the pair spent much more than they earned. Infact they spent so much they were unable to pay their taxes at the end of the year. 

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