Celebrity death US television and Youtube star Stevie Ryan dies of suspected suicide

- 7/04/2017
Stevie Ryan is dead. Celebrity deaths are on the increase as the year passes its halfway mark. But her death was still shocking to hear. The US television star died of a suspected suicide—she was 33 years old. 
US Television and YouTube star Stevie Ryan dies
On their website, the  Los Angeles coronor’s officer confirmed the American actress’ untimely death.

 Stevie, was a screen actress and a YouTube star famed for her paroding of stars such as Lady Gaga and Canadian pop star Justin Bieber. 
Before her death, In a cryptic Instagram post she wrote about her beloved grandad:

‘My dream man who I will only see in my dreams. I’ll meet you in Percebo, soon. I love you my Papa,’ she commented on Instagram along with a sweet collage of her grandfather.

Her numerous Fans flocked to her social media pages to pay tribute to Ryan, with one fan commenting on how we never know what someone is really going through privately. While others wrote about how they enjoyed her show and their sadness that she died so young.

Ryan who is a former VH1 and YouTube star has previously spoke about how much hate their was on the internet—no matter how talented or friendly you might be. 

‘I didn’t realise what the Internet was yet, that it was just full of hate,’ she said.

it is not yet known if her death was influenced by the lack of love she got from online haters and trolls.

Celebrities or not—there is nothing funny about death. So if you think I'm joking about Celebrity passing on the rise then get this—So far this year 37 stars have died. Almost 3  deaths every month. 

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