Crazy Justin Bieber banned from China for Bad behavior

- 7/24/2017
Another high profile Celebrity has been shut out by the populous Asian country, after singer Justin Beiber was banned in China.

The  Beijing Culture Bureau known for its strictness, has banned the Canadian pop star from performing in China.
Singer Justin Bieber banned from performing in China

Its a big blow to Justin's world tour plans and a huge disappointment for his numerous fans in the country.  BBC reported that the culture ministry released a statement saying that it was not appropriate to allow entertainers to perform who have engaged in “bad behavior.”

The singer's antics and brawls have been well publicised and apparently the Chinese do not wish for that sort of indecent behavior from visiting foreign artistes—no matter how much they are loved by the fans. It now appears that Bieber's fighting and extreme clubbing and partying are finally yielding a negative payoff for the 'Sorry'  singer, who last performed in Beijing back in 2013. A performance that was remembered mainly about his stripping on stage to reveal his bare torso and numerous tatoos.

 I guess the country also didn't appreciate his behavior in and around so e of its most treasured monuments, after he was filmed and photographed being carried up the steps of the Great Wall of China, and riding a Segway shirtless through the streets. He was due to return to the country this year, but no dates have been announced.

According to CNN, the Culture ministry's statement, which was dated July 18, was released to answer inquiries of Bieber fans and stated that the singer's series of misbehaviors while living abroad and during his performances in China was a cause for public resentment. It added that while Justin is a gifted singer, he is also a controversial foreign performer. With several problems with the law in different countries, and dangerous stunts like drag racing in a Lamborghini while drunk, the ministry felt he was unsuitable for Chinese audience and image.

Justin Now joins a powerful list of foreign celebrities who have also been banned in,  China and its vast and lucrative entertainment industry. This list includes Hollywood actor Brad Pitt, super group Maroon 5, UK rock band Oasis, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Bon Jovi, Linkin Park and Bjork. But the amazing difference between Justin Bieber's China ban and the other stars,  is that theirs were due to political reasons, while he was banned for bad behavior.
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