Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin meet for first time at G20 summit in Germany (photos)

- 7/07/2017
Hard to believe, but Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have never met in person before. But all of that changed during the G20 summit in Germany where both leaders met for the very first time. Check out the photos of their meeting below:
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin

During the American Presidential election campaign Putin expressed his admiration Trump, and in return Trump expressed a desire to form closer ties with Russia. 

It is a much needed meeting. Both Russian President Vladimir Putin and US leader Donald Trump are holding the much-anticipated first meeting at G20 summit in Germany.

                      Trump meets Putin at G20 summit.
Earlier in the morning ,  Both leaders ran into each other briefly before the summit started and they later held a closed door meeting.
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin hold talks
The US commander in chief made a statement during a photo session. “President Putin and I have been discussing various things, and I think it's going very well"

With trouble brewing abroad In North Korea, and Syria and terrorist attacks on the rise in Europe, both leaders certainly have lots to discuss. And it seems they are both eager to find middle ground on even the most disputed issues. 

See more photos below...
Donald Trump says talks with Vladimir Putin is successful


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