Final moments of Bride who died in helicopter crash on her way to wedding(video)

- 7/08/2017
Rosemere do Nascimento Silva had a dream—to arrive by helicopter to her wedding and surprise everyone with her majestic entrance. It was going to be great—even the groom had no idea what her beautiful plan was.

Bride dies in helicopter crash
The big day came. Everything was set— Silva boarded the the helicopter with her brother and a photographer—it was a mistake.
They never made it to the venue, because the excited bride died in the helicopter crash that occurred shortly after take off. The 32 year old who hails from Sao Paulo, Brazil, died alongside her brother, the pilot and the photographer in the horrific crash. 

Her fiancĂ©, Udirley Damasceno, was left waiting at the venue with the guests, totally unaware of the surprise entrance which never came. He waited eagerly for his bride whom he would never see alive again. 
Bride dies in helicopter crash on the way to her wedding
A Heart wrenching video footage of the moment the helicopter went down has now been shared online by the news channel G1 Oficial as part of the investigation into the terrible crash.

In the clip the bride looks happy and excited as she looks out of the window, as the vessel headed for the wedding venue. 

But a short time later, an alarm can be heard going off. At that moment the video begins to shake, and the  passengers start to scream in panic. The camera falls to the floor as the helicopter hits the ground at high speed. In the ensuing silence, the camera continues to roll. 

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