Golden state warriors star Stephen Curry signs biggest contract in NBA history

- 7/03/2017
He is one of the best basketballers in the NBA right now and he's fresh from winning the Championship with Golden State warriors. But up until then he wasn't even one of the top earners in the league. But after playing 8 seasons in the NBA, things have changed for the super talented ball player. 
Stephen Curry signs biggest contract in NBA history
According to Business Insider Stephen Curry signed the biggest NBA contract in history. The deal is worth a mind blowing  $201 million over the next five years. ESPN reported that Curry who is a two time MVP,  becomes the first basket ball player to earn the so-called "supermax" contract—one over $200 million. 

The huge contract, even got Curry a congratulatory tweet from his biggest rival and the current highest earner in the league, LeBron James. Curry has won two of the past three NBA Finals. But inspire of his impressive pedigree, he had been the 82nd highest paid player in the league. His contract of $44 million four year contract was signed when his ankle injuries caused teams to thread with caution when negotiating deals with him. 

His new deal puts him well above LeBron James who signed a $100 million, 3 year contract.

Here are the other top 4 highest paid NBA players right now.

1. LeBron James— Cleveland Cavaliers.
$31 million.

2. Mike Conley— Memphis Grizzlies 
$26.5 million.

3. DeMar DeRozan—Toronto Raptors. 
$26.5 million 

4. James Harden—Houston Rockets. 
$26.5 million.

5. Al Horford—Boston Celtics.
$26.5 million.

The length of their contracts vary from player to player.

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