Hot Felon Jeremy Meeks affair with billionaire heiress Chloe Green causes wife to ask for divorce

- 7/10/2017
Many feel that hot felon Jeremy Meeks and Chloe Green took their affair a bit too far. She is a Billionaire heiress and he is a former convict turned supermodel. They had a much publicized affair, that didn't sit too well with his wife Melissa. The stunning 38 year old nurse is now asking for a divorce. 
Jeremy Meeks and Chloe Green
Jeremy and Chloe (Flynet pics) 
She caused quite a stir when she spotted kissing 'hot felon'  Meeks, and seemed quite unremorseful about it too.  
Infact Green has responded to all the critics by getting defiant in the face of their harsh criticism - as she took to social media.

The 26 year old Topshop heiress, took to Instagram on , where she uploaded a photo of herself with the popular American model.

The heiress who has 126,000 followers captioned her post"  "Just the Beginning... We appreciate all the love and the hate".

Great!  But many feel that Meeks'wife and family will not be the only ones appalled by his philandering(He has been spotted with celebs like Paris Hilton and now Chloe)since his rise to fame. Chloe's Dad—Topshop boss Philip Green who is known to be very protective of his fun loving daughter will not appreciate her dating a married man with a criminal past—no matter how hot he is. 
Hot Felon Jeremy Meeks and billionaire heiress Chloe Green
Jeremy and wife Melissa 
Meeks became a public sensation back in 2014 when his mugshot was displayed by the Stockton police department on Facebook after his arrest on a weapon's possession charge. 

Before that in 2002, the star served a nine year stint in jail in Grand Theft charges. 

His sexy mugshot photo went viral and he was branded the 'hottest convict ever' . Since his release from prison, he has gone on to a blossoming career in modelling, and as you might have guessed—the ladies came flocking. And the married Meeks doesn't seem to mind it at all. 


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