Manny Pacquiao warns Jeff Horn on rematch I will remind you of 9th round in the 1st

- 7/17/2017

Legendary Boxer Manny Pacquiao vows to destroy Jeff Horn in rematch 

Manny Pacquiao rematch with Jeff Horn is almost as hotly anticipated as the Mayweather Mcgregor fight. In the highly controversial first fight a surprised Pacman faced an inspired Horn, who came out aggressively against the 8 weight world boxing champion.
Manny Pacquiao and Jeff horn rematch
It appeared that the tactics paid off, because at the end of the brutal bout a visibly battered and bleeding Horn was crowned the new WBO world champ in one of the biggest upsets in boxing history.

Although many critics believe the unanimous decision awarded the Australian was a bit overboard, many people believe that Manny's best years are behind him now. After the devastating loss many expect him to hang up his gloves and prevent his incredible record from further tarnishing.
But the clause in the contract for a rematch has now been triggered, and Manny has warned the new champion that he will remind him of the brutality of the 9th round of their fight in the 1st round of their upcoming rematch. And the new World Boxing Organization welterweight champion  seems eager to lock gloves with Pacquiao if only to validate  his stunning victory, and keep critics quiet.

But for those who expect him to end his career, Manny has no plans to retire soon.

"I love this sport and until the passion is gone, I will continue to fight for God, my family, my fans and my country," the 38-year-old declared on social media.

To settle the controversial scoring of their bout the WBO moved to quell the controversy by re-scoring the fight with a different set of judges -The recount still had Horn as the winner —he won 7 rounds to Pacquiao's 5. Although the Philipino legend had the younger fighter in serious trouble in the ninth round, the 29 year old Australian recovered in the remainder of the rounds.

I'm their next fight, Pacquiao vows destroy him with hard punches in the very first round.

But Jeff's team also warn the 8 weight champ to forget the rematch, saying he has reached his peak and can't get any better, while Jeff will only be stronger and better by their rematch.

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