Mel B broke after blowing 50 million pounds Spice Girls fortune

- 7/03/2017

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte divorce battle exposed star's finances

I guess her ex will now have to get a job, because Former Spice Girls Mel B is broke after spending most of her £50 million fortune on an extravagant lifestyle. 
Mel b is broke

Mel B's bitter divorce from her estranged husband has been a mess of legal battles since they split in March. Her ex Stephen Belafonte is demanding spousal support in the tune of £118,000, as well as £150,000 to pay his legal fees. But it appears he would now have to find a job to support himself, since his ex wife has only £961 left in one of her company accounts. The  pair are also locked in a custody battle for their child.

Mel's shocking financial situation was exposed in court last week, where it was revealed that the former multi mmillionaire singer has almost no money left.  She attended court in Los Angeles on Friday for the first time and it was revealed there was next to nothing left of the fortune she made during her Girl band career. 
Former Spice Girls Mel b divorce from Stephen Belafonte

A reliable source told the Mirror: "Mel is an international superstar, still working as a judge on America’s Got Talent, but she only has a small amount of money in the bank, according to Companies House. People may be very surprised."
 Despite the former Scary spice still collecting music royalties, owning 20 and 16 percent of Busines, alongside her former bandmates and her considerable earnings from AGT, she was actually spending alot more than she earned. 

Due to their high spending lifestyle, Mel B and Belafonte both owe heavy tax debts.

Stephen's  lawyer is asking the Judge to order the sale of the couples LA mansion which is currently valued at £6 million. But her client who claims to have zero income may have to wait a long while to get his hands on the kind of money he's asking for. 

Melanie split from her husband in March after accusing him of subjecting her to repeated verbal and physical abuse. She was often spotted in public with strange bruises. 

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