Monster boxer beats 3 year old daughter to death for failing math and his reasons will shock you

- 7/21/2017
By probably treating her like one of his opponents in the ring Joshua Salovich, a boxer beat 3 year old daughter to death because she couldn't get math questions correctly. The beating which ultimately killed the girl were so brutal authorities were shocked.
Boxer beats his daughter to death
Little Bailey Salovich, 3, was given a terrible beating by her own father, who said it was necessary because he wanted to toughen her up.  According to him, the toddler needed to be “hard” her to survive on the streets!

So everytime she got the answer wrong,  he beat he tiny body as hard as he could. 

Strangely, joshua Salovich admitted to everything, and even filled police up on the gory details.

The 25 year old boxer said he would hit her with his hands on her butt and legs whenever she failed an answer. He used a bamboo stick until it broke,  and he graduated to a phone cord. But most of the damage was done by his gym trained hands. 

He continued to beat her even after she soiled herself. When it became really bad, Bailey was taken to the hospital and authorities discovered gruesome injuries. She suffered bleeding in the brain, a detached retina, blood in her lungs, and marks and bruises  all over her body. 

Apparantly he had been hitting her unreservedly hard because when investigators asked him how hard he beat her on a scale of 10, the monster dad said 10, without hesitation.

Salovic is currently being held in custody, without bond, and if convicted could face the death penalty. 

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