Rapper 50 Cent is in love with actress Helen Mirren and not afraid to show it

- 7/25/2017
The hip hop star says what he means and means what he says when he speaks about his crushes. Rapper 50 Cent is in love with Helen Mirren and the strangeness of it all somehow makes it cute! 
Rapper 50 cent and actress Helen Mirren
Yep. 50 is in awe of veteran Hollywood actress Helen Mirren ''sexiness''. As he described it. 

At the Monte Carlo TV festival The 42-year-old rapper was clearly smitten with the silver haired 71-year-old actress, and he didn't refrain from telling her so. 

The Sunday Mirror rrepored what the rap star said: ''She just has this thing, man - this sexiness. Like, Hollywood - when you look at her she embodies the whole thing. We do not disagree. Helen certainly exudes an aura of near unmatched elegance every time you see her on screen. But he admits that it hits you on a whole new level, when you see her in person.

''She has an elegance that connects to the red carpet. You find out when you see her.

''I said, 'You just gonna shu shu forever. You are going to keep this going for ever, huh?' She didn't say much - but her husband was right there. It's her attitude, her confidence.''
50 cent declares love for actress Helen Mirren
50 cent all eyes on Mirren
Back in June, photos of the  'Candy shop star with the actress hinted at their flirty poses, as Helen shielded her face with a hand fan as she gazed at the obviously smitten rapper from under her eyelids. The photo made quite a viral buzz to the delight of the rapper, who's real name is Curtis Jackson.

He happily  shared their photo on his  Instagram page  and confessed: ''I think I love her man, I'm trying not to stare at her.

''She knows she turns me on. She just has that thing, you know I can't describe it. LOL (sic)''

Mirren who is married to movie director Taylor Hackford - seems to have that effect on men of all ages, as singer Ed Sheeran also fell under her spell, and even revealed he wants to shoot a  movie ''love scene'' with her. It was his fantasy, and he confessed that he has always loved her. 
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