See Woman who won best butt contest in China(photos)

- 7/03/2017
Who said you can't find women with curvaceous butts in China? But the Chinese took everyone by surprise by doing a Kim Kardashian twist by holding a butt pageants!  Yep!  You heard me right. Last week,  the first ever most Beautiful Butt Contest in China .’ which was inspired by Brazil’s own popular competition of the same kind. And believe it or not, it was an incredible spectacle of curves and beauty. 
Best butt in china
The maiden contest which was organized by a Beijing fitness club Saipu, received a great reception. And after one week of tough competition, the talented and we'll endowed  contestant number 302 was crowned the winner.

Her Charisma was almost as appealing as her booty, and she stood out from other contestants. Many believe the curvy oriental beauty deserved her best butt Queen crown.
Curvaceous Chinese women
It is a widespread belief that oriental women lack the curves of the Africans and South Americans, but I guess this competition proved popular belief wrong. As the curves here could rival any woman's in any part of the world.

And congratulations to contestant 302 once again, for having the best booty out of almost 2 billion women—no easy feat. 
Check out more gorgeous photos below:
Best butt contest in China

Beautiful chinese women with best butts


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