Something is seriously wrong with Blac Chyna's butt and love life(Photos)

- 7/09/2017
Model Black Chyna is having a crises in her relationship right now. But from these photos it looks like her love life isn't the only problem she should be dealing with right now. 
Blac Chyna's butt
When things fall apart, they tend to have a domino effect. Not meaning to take anything away from her, but Blac Chyna's butt is really starting to look like her love life—confused and falling apart. 
After all the work done on her famous butt, it seems the surgical procedures are finally taking their toll. Yes there can be a downside side to these kind of enhancements—just ask Kim Kardashianwhose recent cellulite marred photos went viral, causing people to call her fake. I mean she lost about a hundred thousand followers because of that!
Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian fight
It's tough to please people, I know. But if you've got to try,  then you better not slip up for even a second. 

Back to Chyna. The mother-of-two was spotted out following her truly disgusting and feud online  with baby daddy Rob Kardashian. Looking sharp as usual, the model was photographed as she made a public appearance.  But take a close look at the photo and you'd see that something is off with her curvaceous backside. 
Blac Chyna's butt surgeries
True, it's still curvy, but a part of it does look kind of deformed doesn't it? 
In his near childish social media rant, Rob revealed that he paid $100K for her to get work done on her body after their daughter was born. I guess with all the drama happening in her crazy love life right now, she isn't exactly paying attention to her famed money maker. 

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