Sunderland football mascot Bradley Lowery dead aged six after battle with cancer neuroblastoma

- 7/08/2017
At the age of six, He lit up his world and touched the lives of thousands.

Little Boy Bradley Lowery is dead. The Sunderland football mascot who had Neuroblastoma died after a heartbreaking and inspiring battle with the disease. Lowery came to the world's attention when his ever smiling face and positive attitude in the face of so terrible a disease,  made people notice something truly special about the ailing boy.  He became club mascot and led England out at Wembley for World Cup qualifier
Six year old Sunderland football mascot Bradley Lowery dead
During his battle with the  rare cancer Neuroblastoma , he helped raise more than £1m to help others.

He struck up a friendship with the club’s star striker Jermain Defoe whom became his best friend.

In a statement on the family’s Facebook page, Bradley’s mother, Gemma Lowery, said he died on Friday afternoon surrounded by his family.  “He was our little superhero and put the biggest fight up but he was needed elsewhere,” she wrote. “There are no words to describe how heartbroken we are.”

At an emotional  press conference with his new club Bournemouth in Thursday, Defoe broke down in tears when he was asked about the special friendship he shared with Bradley.

The Premier League star said: “There is not a day that goes past where I do not wake up in the morning and check my phone or think about little Bradley because his love is genuine and I can see it in his eyes. It is special.”

Although Bradley was a mascot for Sunderland several times last season he was able to unite different club supporters and  thousands of football fans around the world.
During games,  the Supporters of different clubs made banners and chanted his name. His bravery was something amazing and his love for life and people was incredible for someone so young. 

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