30 seconds before and after Instagram photos show shocking big tummy and flat abs

- 8/22/2017
Before and after instagram photos can be truly awesome. I mean when hard work or even surgical procedures pay off to give you that super look, then I guess the gain was worth every bit of agonizing pain you had to go through. 
Before and after Instagram photos
But listen, Don't be fooled by all photos on the internet. And don't be drawn into wondering how the world around you seems to get weight-loss and fitness goals acheived in record time, while you toil with little or no results.
Personal trainer Tom Wood gives us more insight into the tricky and deceptive world of 30 seconds before and after instagram photos.  According to him,  you should never take a selfie at face value.

To prove his point, Wood  took two photos of himself  with each picture taken  just five seconds apart. And as you can see in the above photo, the difference is really shocking. More like two photos taken 3 months apart. 

Here is what wood wrote:

"Don't get caught up in what other people look like.Photos you see on instagram and other social platforms are not a real representation of what people look like.

He also explained the different false factors that can contribute to the perfect selfie. "Lighting, posture, a different angle and every other trick in the book are used. If it inspires then it can be a good thing. If it creates an unrealistic comparison or body of desire that effects your feeling of self then it is unhealthy".

Of course Wood isn't the first person to point out the cunning use of photos online. But incredible technology combined with the ability to manipulate One's figure, and an insane desire to look your best(in photos at least), has produced a throng of people who though completely disatisfied with their actual appearance, have found ingenious ways for others to be blown away by it.

But as for me, work hard and healthily on your body to become the very best version of yourself. Love every step and appreciate every result your hard work yields. You are only a winner if you are truly happy with yourself, before anything  else. 

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