Action star Jet Li donates over 500 thousand pounds to family of stunt double killed on Expendables 2 set(video)

- 8/27/2017
Where human decency and the law courts failed, Jet Li delivered. In an incredible goodwill  gesture,  popular Martial arts action movie  star Jet Li donated more than half a million pounds to the bereaved family of his stunt double who was tragically killed on a movie set during filming.
Martial arts action movie star jet Li
26 year old Stuntman Liu Kun died on the set of The Expendables 2 in 2011 after something went terribly wrong while filming.

Moved by their phlight, Action star Li paid 5.8 million Hong Kong dollars, about £580,000 to the late stuntman's family. He had intended his donation to be private, but the news of it leaked.  Below is Expendables 2 Official Trailer. 

It is unclear as to when the donation was made and the newspaper reports Li had intended to keep it private.

Before Jet intervened, Liu’s devastated parents, Liu Zong Yu Liu and Bai Yan Mei, had gone through a lengthy court battle spanning four years. At the end of it all, their wrongful death lawsuit against Milllenium films, they were awarded only £19,400.

 Lui who hails from Shangxi Province, was in killed on the Ognyanovo dam in Bulgaria, by an onset explosion.

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