Actor Tom Cruise injured while filming Mission Impossible 6 stunts

- 8/15/2017
Tom Cruise is one of the few A list Hollywood actors who does all his own stunts in movies. You should know that even for experienced professional stuntmen, danger is a Constant factor in their line of work, and death is often a heartbeat away. 
Tom Cruise Mission Impossible 6
Recently during the filming of Mission Impossible 6 Tom Cruise injured himself while doing one particularly dangerous stunt. Here is a Picture of the star just seconds before he smashed his body into a building.

Clearly in pain, Tom was filmed limping away after the collision. Unfortunately, if his injury isn't really  bad,  he would probably have try it again, since the stunt failed. 

For years now Cruise has insisted on doing all of his own stunts—a very rare thing for such a huge star. But at the 'not so youthful' age of  55,  jumping across buildings, high speed chases and falling from high rises must be taking its toll.

During the filming of MI6 in London, the actor had to jump between two buildings with the assistance of a harness, but he missed the edge of the second roof, swung back and  banged into the building.

The incredible Footage obtained by TMZ shows the indefatigable Cruise taking the jump too early and landing heavily on the edge of the other building. He was then Forced to use his hands for support. It was later reported that his injuries were worse than they first appeared—two broken bones in his ankle. Production will now be delayed for at least 4 months for the actor to heal up. 

This is not the first time the daring star has come close to mortal danger.  While filming blockbuster The Edge of tomorrow, back in 2014, he came close to having a terrible accident during a high speed scene with co-star Emily Blunt. He had a narrow escape then. But of course the near Mishap didn't cure him from his penchant for deadly stunts—it probably fuelled his desire for more. It's a need for danger and a need for speed. Two typical elements that make up a high powered Tom Cruise action movie

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