Celebrity body builder Rich Piana rushed to hospital after collapsing at home

- 8/12/2017
Larger than life Celebrity body builder Rich Piana has collapsed at his home and taken to hospital were he is in a coma.

The 46 year old popular bodybuilding champ  is reportedly 'fighting for life after doctors placed in an induced coma.
Celebrity body builder Rich Piana
According to TMZ  Piana - fell seriously ill from at his house in Florida yesterday and medical personel were called in to attend to a medical emergency, possibly an overdose. The found him unresponsive on arrival.

Weighing 310 pounds (more than 22st), the professional athlete who has a staggering 1 million Instagram followers and freely admit to taking steroids to feed his monstrous body, has admitted to taking the performance enhancing drug on and off for 27 years!

The tattooed muscle man whose body can hardly be described with words has captivated his massive social media fans with his daily routines and lifestyle. His remarkable physique has won him a bunch of awards including Mr. Carlifonia(No easy feat). 

Currently, Mr Piana's wealth is estimated at a staggering $2.5million (£1.9million), largely due to the sharp and huge increase in his online fan base in just a few years. 

 His staggering workouts and ripped social media posts have gained notoriety, especially on Instagram were his 1m followers are treated to the daily routine of this modern Hercules.

He eats NINE meals a day and drinks several huge protein shakes everyday, according to a Deadspin profile of him last year.

He is also massively popular on YouTube  where Each of his 1 hour videos routinely get 200,000 or more views.

His girlfriend Chanel Jansen and family are asking the public for positive thoughts and prayers and love.

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